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The primary activity of the network is to provide training to doctoral and post-doctoral fellows, within its fields of scientific excellence : quantum optics, quantum information, signal processing, optical physics, lasers, and related topics.

The trainees will learn to manage complex experiments involving many scientific areas, as well as project planning and students advisement. They will work at the edge of present scientific research in quantum information, which involves all the above fields in a very interdisciplinary way.

To promote their european roles, doc and postdoc students will be involved in network workshops and exchanges, and in two types of specific actions :

  • short training sessions for all young scientists in the network; courses will be given by leading scientists from inside and outside the network. 
  • "YEP" (Young European Physicist) workshops, organized by the young scientists themselves for promoting cooperation and exchange of experience. 
  • Eligibility conditions (for details see here)
  • Pre-doc or post-doc, 35 or under at the time of appoinment (allowance is made for compulsory military service or child care) 
  • Nationals of the European Community Member States or Associated States (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia) 
  • Nationals of other countries, having resided in the Member States continuously during the last five years prior to appointment 
  • The applicant must come from a state other than the host's state, and must not have carried out his/her normal activities in the host's state for more than 12 of the 24 months prior to appoinment. 
  • At the present time all the network partners offer postdoc positions, and some of them pre-doc positions. Selection of the candidates is done according to an equal opportunity policy, and women are encouraged to apply.

    Positions offered

    For more details on the positions offered, see the list of partners or contact the network coordinator .

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