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   The project is built upon the complementary expertises of nine european teams, who have a recognized experience in the field of quantum optics. Three subcontractors are associated with the main partners.

The coordinator of the network is Dr. Philippe Grangier, in Institut d'Optique, Orsay, France.

For more details on the positions, click on the "Position Info", or contact the network coordinator, or any of the partners.
 Short name  Institution  Town and country  Person in charge Position
1 - CNRS.IO  CNRS / Institut d'Optique  Orsay, France  Dr. Ph. Grangier  Info
2 - UIBK.TH  Institut für Theoretische Physik  Innsbruck, Austria  Prof. P. Zoller  Info
3 - U.ULM  University of Ulm  Ulm, Germany  Prof. W. Schleich  Info
4 - ICSTM  Imperial College  London, UK  Prof. P. Knight  Info
5 - UIBK.EX  Institut für Experimental Physik  Innsbruck, Austria  Prof. R. Blatt  Info
6 - UOXF.DU  University of Oxford  Oxford, UK  Dr. A. Steane  Info
7 - LMU  University of Munich  Munich, Germany  Prof. T.W. Hänsch  Info
8 - ENS  Ecole Normale Supérieure  Paris, France  Prof. J.M. Raimond  Info
9 - MPQ,LPh  Max-Planck Institüt für Quantenoptik  Garching, Germany  Prof. H. Walther  Info
9 - MPQ,QuD      Prof. G. Rempe  Info
Subcontractor 1  University of Camerino  Camerino, Italy  Prof. P. Tombesi  Info
Subcontractor 2  University of Warsaw  Warsaw, Poland  Prof. K. Wodkiewicz  Info
Subcontractor 3  Institute of Physics, Slovac Acad. Sci.  Bratislava, Slovakia  Prof. V. Buzek  Info

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