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  The scientific context of the project is quantum information processing, aiming at practical implementations of quantum logic.
This goal will be pursued by controlled engineering of the quantum state of trapped particles. More specifically, this includes : 
  • exploring new physics for controlling the quantum state of multiparticle systems ; 
  • improving the technological knowledge about trapping such multiparticle systems; 
  • proposing new schemes for quantum information processing. 
  • A major breakthrough to be achieved is the full control of entangled states - multiparticle quantum states where each particle loses its individuality, while all particles taken together, whatever their distance, constitute a single quantum object.

    The partners of the network will address experimentally a great variety of trapped particle systems :

  • photons confined in high finesse resonators (ENS, MPQ-LPh, MPQ-QuD) 
  • ions in Paul traps (UIBK.EX, UOXF.DU) or in Penning traps (ICSTM) 
  • neutral atoms in light-induced traps ( CNRS.IO, LMU, UIBK.EX) 
  • Theoretical studies relative to these systems will be carried out in UIBK.TH, U.ULM and ICSTM.

    If you want more details on the positions offered, you may contact the network coordinator or any of the individual partners

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